“The Walt Disney Company: Its Diversification Strategy in 2018

Read Case Study #9 “The Walt Disney Company: Its Diversification Strategy in 2018″ and respond to the attached questions, Please provide a Competitive Strength Assessment as part of your response with a detailed explanation of the assessment’s key points. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT ” There should always be a reference list provided for submissions. Only those works cited should be listed as a reference. Cited statements in support of your responses are required. Statements like I think, or I believe, without details in support from the case study are not credible. Outside source materials are encouraged to be used. However, they are to be used to support the response you have or to make a contrary point to the case study conclusions. The predominant information should be from the case study. Sources outside of the case study are not to be used in place of the analysis work of the case study itself.

A full response to the case study questions is to be submitted. Submitting a list of items without a detailed explanation of the significance of the information is a non-response. All questions require an explanation. Often you will see that asked directly if not provide one as a standard procedure.

Large amounts of information are not to be copied and pasted into your work even if cited properly. Table, graphs, pictures, are allowed if cited. Other information has to be paraphrased and take in portions to make your point.

A Competitive Strength Assessment (CSA) must be included with all case study submissions. An explanation of that assessment must be submitted as well. Note the instructions on this point. I Will upload The explanation of how to properly construct a CSA. What are the significant findings? How does your assessment impact the company’s ability to gain or maintain a competitive advantage? How will it impact the future of the company?”

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