Theoretical Model Research Article Analysis and Critique

Locate a research article related to your PICO question that uses a theoretical framework.
Identify the theoretical framework utilized in your selected research article.
Note: When you search for an article, your assigned theory or framework should be clearly identified and
applied to the research process. The name of your theory should absolutely be a search term.If
you are unable to locate an article in your topic area that uses a theoretical framework, you may answer the
questions below based on the Exploring the Factors That Influence Nurse Practitioner Role Transition (Links to
an external site.) article.
2–3 sentences summarizing the results of the study, the population, and the model’s application therein, and
write a response to the following in the discussion forum: 1) Identify 1–2 ways you believe the theory in the
article affected aspects of the study design or methods. 2) How do you think the study might have differed if
this framework had not been used?

Sample Solution