Theory Development

Theory is a set of interrelated concepts, based on assumption, woven together through a set of propositional statements (Fitzpatrick, 1997, p. 37) used to provide a perspective on reality.
Purpose: Nursing theory development is a scholarly endeavor pursued systematically. Rigorous development of nursing theories is a high priority for the future of the discipline and the practice of the profession of nursing (McCrae 2012). This assignment will introduce students to the rigorous steps required in theory development.
Goal: To develop a nursing theory that addresses a phenomenon in the workplace
Objectives: Students will demonstrate knowledge and competencies required for theory development. By meeting the following criteria for this theory development assignment. Students will:

  1. Read chapters 4 & 5 of course text
  2. Identify workplace, role and identify and define (2) concept(s), describe phenomena as abstract or concrete
    Concepts & definitions
  3. Identify and define the concepts theoretically (establish meaning)
  4. Identify and define the concepts operationally (use measurable terms)
    Relational statements
  5. Develop theoretical and operational relational statements or propositions to build a theory
  6. theoretical statements (relate concepts to one another; permit analysis)
  7. operational statements (relate concepts to measurements)
    Linkages & Ordering provides rationale for the stated connections
  8. Build relationships with linkages between related concepts
  9. Develop theoretical linkages
  10. Develop operational linkages

Sample Solution