A. Write a paper evaluating Klein’s, Lewis’s, or Davidsons’s response to skepticism about the external world. To what extent is skepticism right in your chosen philosopher’s opinion? If it is wrong, why does he think it is wrong? What do you think is the main problem for his response? How might/does he attempt to answer that problem? Do you think his answer is successful? Why or why not?

B. Consider Conee and Feldman’s defense of Evidentialism about justification. What does it say, and what is their main reason for thinking it is correct? What do you think are the three main objections against which they defend Evidentialism? Do they successfully answer each of those objections? Explain.

C. Does Davidson successfully defend coherentism as a response to the regress problem? Suggested approach: Briefly state the problem of the regress of justification, describe coherentism as an answer to it, identify the main objection to coherentism that Davidson attempts to address, and consider whether his answer to that objection succeeds. You will need to explain Davidson’s view of beliefs, why they must be related to the believer’s perception of the world, and therefore be mostly true, and decide whether you and your reader should agree with him on this point.




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