Therapeutic Process

Watch the sessions and discuss each video session separately. Process what you are seeing based on these
chapters, mapping the concepts onto what happens in the sessions. (Not all the ideas will be present in all the
sessions but try to identify as many as you can)
Readings from John Norcros s:Psychotherapy Relationships That Work
( ). chapters 9 through 13
Positive Regard Congruence Feedback Repairing Alliance Ruptures Self-Disclosure
Each video is about 2 hours long. The introduction will give you a theoretical sense of the models that will be in
play, the therapy sessions themselves follow this. Watch through the whole thing keeping in mind the elements
listed above. Pay attention to the attitude and stance that the therapist brings to the session and share your
thoughts on that. Does it work for you? Or would you prefer a different approach?
Video 1 Susan Johnson
Video 2 Ken Hardy
Video 3 John Murphy

Sample Solution