There is a real world out there and globalization is happening.

You do not need to defend that globalization is happening and you can disagree with the statement. You just need to create a coherent research on one aspect of this phenomenon. You are free to choose any dimension of globalization you want as long as you justify why it is part of globalization and why it is important. ✓ Pick and discuss your research puzzle- engage with the broader literature on globalization and show what aspect needs to be studied and why ✓ Narrow down the topic and specify your concepts based on the relevant literature ✓ Formulate a research question You do not need to collect the data yourself (for instance, interview the US presidents yourself) but you do need to show you can engage in an independent analysis. Euro barometer, OECD Statistics, Manifesto Project Database, The World Fact book, World Bank Open Data, World Values Survey are some examples of reliable databases. Originality is always encouraged.




Sample Solution