Thesis Analysis

What way will you begin to catch the attention of your audience
What summary or background is needed for your readers to understand your thesis?
Thesis—what is the answer to your research question? Your thesis should be an argument or claim that
organizes the flow of your essay
Body Paragraphs
What topic sentence would be a subpoint of your thesis and would organize the claim or argument that each
paragraph you plan to have will explore? Each topic sentence should be in your own words, without quotes
What evidence from the primary source will you use in terms of quotes, summaries, or descriptions?
What secondary sources will support or add to your analysis?
What concluding sentence can you use for each body paragraph that will sum up the paragraph and lead into
your next point?
What way can you conclude your essay to make readers feel that you have made the reading of your essay
worthwhile? Don’t just repeat your thesis but help to sum up your points. What have you said and what
implications can readers take away from your analysis? How might readers now better understand the work
and their lives after reading the work you have analyzed and reading your essay?

Sample Solution