Thesis review

this assignment is a response paper. You should indicate, in the introduction the dissertation chosen and why?

  • For each dissertation, you will discuss/ review/ analyse the following points( For each dissertation, I said).
  • Overall quality of the dissertation as compared with the turabian guidelines. Were the problem and the hypothesis clearly stated ( I have attached the turabian guideline).
  • Overall quality of the abstract and structure.
  • Overall quality of the language and use of references.
  • Overall quality of presence and of methodology and literature review.
  • Overall quality of argumentation.
  • Overall quality of recommendation and conclusion.
  • Overall quality of bibliography.
  • In the conclusion, you should state if this exercise was useful as far as preparing to think about a future dissertation project.
    Rule of style is turabian. Please cite the two material 20 times ( In text citation). In addition to these two materials attached( Thesis sample), please add 2 more references. So, in total I ask for 4 references.

Sample Solution