Three Gorges Dam


2000 Word Essay
Formatting requirements: Please use 12 point Times Roman font, double spacing, 2.5 cm margins, and page numbers. (Don’t forget to put your name in the header or footer margin). Use the Harvard system (Author, date) of referencing, and include a list of references cited at the end of your review. These references are not counted in your word count.
Instructions: Choose one of the themes listed below. From your reading of some of the material in this theme identify a critical issue. Discuss the issue as they relate to a specific country in Asia. Write an essay that explains:
1. Why is this issue important?
2. What do we already know about this issue (i.e. what research has been done before on this issue? The list of readings is Subject Learning Guide – AST3CIA Page 18 of 23 a starting point and you are encouraged to find and incorporate further, more contemporary articles, chapters, and books.
3. How have scholars researched this issue (e.g. what methods have they used)?
4. What don’t we know (e.g. from your reading of literature in the area what are questions still to be answered)?
5. How might we go about finding out more (e.g. based on 3), what methods seem most suited for answering the question being asked?).
General: Below is a list of essay topics. Please choose one. Please note that you need to incorporate two of the readings we have covered on the topic in the lectures along with four others that you will need to find yourself.
1) Identity, gender, youth and popular culture in Asia 2) Development, displacement and environmental concerns
3) Religion, politics, and conflict in Asia
4) Centre, periphery, and inequality in Asia.
Essay Question: How has the development of the Three Gorges Dam caused displacement amongst the local community and what is the Dam’s significance towards China and it’s community today.
TWO of the three sources provided MUST be used.
A further THREE or FOUR more EXTERNAL sources MUST be used.
AT LEAST FIVE sources MUST be used in total for the essay.

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