To create the e-Portfolio

Create and assemble a collection of artifacts demonstrating your skills, knowledge, and understanding related to your chosen field of study. E-Portfolios provide a snapshot of one’s academic and professional joumey and can be shared with potential employers and peers for networking purposes. After completion of this course, you can continue to add to your e-Portfolio, creating a valuable web-based resource to present and promote yourself in your career. An e-Portfolio captures the progression of learning and growth by including various evidence such as text files, videos, blogs, audio files, and graphics. .The following artifacts will be submitted throughout the course in Weekly Portfolio Assignments, Blogs, and other required tasks. Only 10 artifacts are required for this portfolio. You will not simply copy and paste these in to your e-Portfolio. You will need to revise them based on feedback from your instructor as well as, if appropriate, from your peers. Additional files, photos, graphics and videos may be added at your discretion. You will create an introduction and three sections in your e-Portfolio and title them: Profession Overview, Writing and Communication Strengths, Professional resources.



























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