Top Three Characteristics When Teaching Middle School Students

CHoose 3 of the topic listed and write a discussion reponse on why they are important for teachers to have when teaching
middle school students. ( 175-200 words on each topic)

-Provides frequent feedback to students on learning progress.
 -Functions calmly in a high-activity environment.
-Handles disruptive behavior positively and consistently.
 -Builds learning experiences for students based on learning skills (reading, math) obtained in elementary grades.
 -Works cooperatively with peers, consultants, resource persons, and paraprofessionals.
 -Exhibits concern for students by listening and/or empathizing with them.
 -Selects evaluation techniques appropriate to curricular objectives in the affective domain.
 -Utilizes values clarification and other affective teaching techniques to help students develop personal value systems. Provides an informal, flexible classroom environment.
-Cooperates in curricular planning and revision.
 -Provides an informal, flexible classroom environment.
Understands the transitional nature of grades 5 through 8 as they bridge the gap between the children of the lower elementary grades and late adolescents and early adults of the upper grades.

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