Total Quality Management

Investigating the mediating role of leadership effectiveness in relationship between agility and TQM practice in
Government Sector (An entity will be specified prior to starting the paper)
In your assignments you have to introduce your topic to the reader, explain the aim/objectives, the
problem of the study and the rationale of the study. You then have to perform a detailed literature
review using refereed journal articles that have addressed same or similar issues/challenges/
advantages/problems/solutions you are dealing with, in your research. At least 15 articles no older
than 5 years that show a connection to your work should be cited in the assignment. Based on this
literature review you need to demonstrate logically, what approach you are going to take and
describe your methodology for applying and validating your approach, e.g. developing clear
hypotheses. You may use some textbooks, books, newspapers… etc when discussing the theoretical
concepts related to your assignment. Following this step, you discuss the methods you adopted,
such as the sample, variables, measures and tests and analyse your data, get them presented and
discussed. Finally, you end up with conclusions and recommendations. Your recommendations,
for both practitioners and researchers, must be drawn from your findings and related well to the
purpose/aim and problem of the assignment.

Sample Solution