Total Rewards

Part 1 please label parts Compensation and benefit packages are important tools for attracting, hiring, and retaining employees. The human resources department of larger organizations may set up the benefits package for all employees. As a nurse manager you may be involved in deciding on the types of benefits — the total rewards package — the business or organization will provide the employees. Research how to create a total rewards package, including salary, benefits, incentive versus merit pay, bonuses, non-financial incentives, health insurances, stock options, and profit sharing. Develop a 1,050-word proposal, recommending a total rewards package for an organization. Include an introduction, the package with the rationales for the requests, and a conclusion that opens the discussion for negotiation. Submit your proposal as an APA paper with cited references and research. Part 2 Discussion 1 Many organizations are moving toward employees working in teams. Post a 100-word message in which you will address the following: •For the most part, do you work independently, or are you a part of a team? • What are the advantages and challenges to working in teams? •What strategies do you use to be effective when working with a team? Part3 Discussion 2 What is the purpose of labor unions and why do organizations try to avoid them? 100 words

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