Totalitarian government

I. DEFINITION OF TERMS: All terms should be defined in a detailed manner; not one
word. Definitions should be written, if necessary, in two (2) or more complete sentences
using proper syntax. Each term is valued at 2.5 points. This section will be valued at 25
points. Ten (10) terms will be selected and on the examination.

  1. Government
  2. Totalitarian government
  3. Federalist Papers
  4. Virginia Plan
  5. Amendment 25
  6. Three-fifths compromise
  7. Bill of Rights
  8. Electoral College
  9. Article VI of the Constitution
  10. Federalism
  11. Checks & Balances
  12. Separation of Powers
  13. James Madison
  14. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  15. Civil War Amendments
  16. Shelby v. Holder
  17. 23rd Amendment
  18. Shay’s Rebellion
  19. Articles of Confederation
  20. Townshend Act of 1767
  21. Taxation without Representation
  22. Authoritarian
  23. Full, Faith & Credit Clause
  24. Bicameral Legislature
  25. Concurrent Powers
  26. Supremacy Clause
  27. Amy Coney Barrett
  28. 1619
    II. Essay Questions: The essay questions should be discussed in a detailed manner and a
    minimum of two (2) paragraphs (minimum 3-4 sentences per paragraph). Your discussion
    should be written in proper syntax. You will be required to answer three (3) questions. Each
    essay is valued at 25 points.
  29. Describe and discuss the components of David Easton’s model of a political system.
    Identify and discuss the four functions of a political system.
  30. Discuss government and its functions in society. What is the reciprocal relationship
    between the people and government? What are the various types of governments and how do
    they govern?
  31. Identify and discuss the factors that influenced the decision of the colonists to declare
    their independence from Britain.
  32. Discuss the three major proposals introduced at the Constitutional Convention
    designed to structure the American political system.
  33. Discuss the procedures for proposing and ratifying an amendment to the U.S.
    constitution. How many times have the Constitution been amended?
  34. Discuss the fight for ratification of the Constitution. Who were the Federalists and
    Antifederalists? What were their arguments for and against the Constitution?
  35. Discuss in detail a major current event presently debated in the political arena of the
    American Political System. Some events are the Second Impeachment trial of Donald Trump,
    Confirmation Hearing for any one of President Biden’s nominees, Republican voter
    suppression efforts, COVID relief legislation, COVID -19 racial inequity issues, etc.

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