Tough Guise

Answer the questions in the file provided based on the video

Here is the link of the video: Tough Guise: Violence, Media and the Crisis in Masculinity Please answer the questions based on this video

Jackson Katz is a former football player-turned-feminist educator.  This is the original version of this film, made in 1999, with an argument that is more relevant than ever. Pay attention to any media references you don’t recognize, and think about whether you can name a similar event today.  What is outdated, and what is not?  I still like this version best, but you can watch Tough Guise 2 instead if you prefer ….

  1. What is the “tough guise,” according to Jackson Katz?
  2. Explain this statement: “Male violence is portrayed not so much a deviation as it is an accepted part of masculinity”  How do race and class make a difference, if at all?
  3. What does it mean to “degender the discussion of violence” and “make masculinity visible”?
  4. What does Katz observe about changes in the media representation of men’s bodies, and women’s bodies, since the 60s?
  5. What is the “normalization of sexual violence” ?
  6. How does Katz analyze the basic horror film?
  7. What are the consequences (costs, results) of insisting that men be “emotionally strong” and “invulnerable,” according to Katz?
  8. How does Katz envision change?
  9. Reflection Question: Do you think Katz is accurate when he describes masculinity as mostly about power and control?   How do you define “masculinity”?  What kind of masculinity will you teach your son?




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