Training Evaluation, The Costs and Benefits of Training Programs, Training Programs


Consider a situation in which you are the director of training and development in an organization that is going to deliver a very expensive training program. It is very important to find out how effective the training program is given the expense and the large number of employees who will be trained over the next several years. Your job is to develop a plan for the evaluation. Discuss what you will do in terms of the type of evaluation: What data should be gathered and analyzed? What is the purpose of the evaluation and should it be formative or summative? Should it be descriptive or causal evaluation? What type of evaluation design do you think would be most appropriate? Consider the pros and cons of the various alternatives.

Unit Learning Outcomes
This assignment will address the following Unit Learning Outcomes:
ULO 6.1 Analyze the different types of training evaluation and discuss the barriers to evaluation.
ULO 6.2 Explain how training evaluation can be quantifiable and analyze different evaluation methods.
ULO 6.3 Assess why training designers need to consider both the costs and benefits to a training program.
ULO 6.4 Describe how to calculate the benefits of training programs including net benefit analysis, benefit-cost ratio, and return on investment.
ULO 6.5 Evaluate relevant scholarly research and synthesize research to complete required assignments.

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