Training Post Project

Every company strives to have a competitive advantage over its competition. Training, as part of a company’s overall strategic plan, can provide that competitive advantage. The key is to provide the right training to the right audience at the right time. A well-trained employee base will enable a company to overcome common challenges in its journey to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage.

In this project, you are the HR manager who will create a slide presentation for the executive board of a young company emphasizing that a competitive advantage requires developing and training employees. The company is growing fast and does not have any formal structure to training at this time.


· A 12- to 15-slide presentation with comprehensive presenter notes

Activity Details

Perform the following steps:

Step 1: Create a slide presentation.

Based on your learning from this lesson develop a 12- to 15-slide presentation that influences the executive board to support your efforts for training and demonstrates the contribution it provides for a competitive advantage. The slide presentation should cover the following areas:

· Training needs assessment (purpose, function)

· Training as a driver for a competitive advantage

· Purpose and outcomes for training

      o    Company (market share, meeting strategic goals, reputation, etc.)

     o   Individual

· Include the following trainings

     o   Orientation/Socialization

     o   Customer Service

     o   Quality Control/Assurance

     o   Leadership

· Evaluation process for training

Step 2: Write narrative for slides.
Write a narrative for each slide in the Notes section of the slide presentation.

Use these presentation guidelines:

· Include a title slide. (Not included in your required slide count)

· Use clear, concise bullet points (not overly wordy and typically not complete sentences).

· Aim for a preferred font size of 24-point with a minimum size of 18-point.

· Use white space to avoid crowded slides.

· Use upper and lower case letters (not all caps).

· Use images, tables, charts, etc. to add variety and interest as long as they also add value to your presentation.

· In your presentation software’s notes section for each slide, document what you would actually say in a live delivery of this presentation.

· At the end of the presentation, cite the sources you used to complete it.

Sample Solution