Transgender education

Schools serve as a setting in which students come to understand gender, but transgender students (those who transgress societal gender norms) are largely left out of discussions of education. The high level of harassment that transgender students face poses sizable obstacles to school success. If the field of education is committed to equity and social justice, then teacher education programs must prepare educators to teach gender in more complex ways that take into consideration the existence and needs of transgender people.

So while reading the article I took the following notes and added my own thoughts and opinions on the topic of transgender people in education.

Schools do need to provide more curriculum and acceptance for transgender students because they are already likely to feel left out in most things, or to get bullied by their peers, so how can they confide or go to their teachers for help when the teachers themselves haven’t been accepting as well

Transgender and nontraditional gender identities need to be more talked about in school because that is the time when a lot of students truly discover and speak out about their gender identity or sexuality.

It needs to be implemented before and to prevent a ki from ending their own life or hurting others

Transgender education needs to be introduced in the public school system because some students may not go to college, where it is more accepting, and won’t experience the acceptance and participation that college has to offer, but also so high school students don’t enter college with such a culture shock

High school is a stepping stone in life, so it should include things that kids are going to experience in the real world, so transgender education should be introduced so they are more prepared for what they might encounter, which includes many people who identify other than cis male or cis female.

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