Travel Abroad


1. An overview of your purpose for the project: Where are going, and what service will you be providing? Remember, evangelism cannot be the sole purpose of your trip.

2. Cultural and social aspects of the country and its population that led you to choose this area of the world.

3. How your choice of project works toward fulfillment of the Judeo-Christian-Islamic ideal to love your neighbor as yourself: How does your personal worldview and the possible worldviews of your target population influence your plans for the trip?

4. Information about your target population: Who are you planning to serve? How does this population compare to the population of the country as a whole? You will also need to make a projection about the target population in 5 years. The World Factbook provides population growth data to help you here. See the Tips and formulas section below for information about how to present this in your paper.

5. Aspects of the country that make it a suitable location for your trip. In particular, include information about –

a. The economic situation in your country and how your project will improve this.




































Sample Solution