Tuition waiver at state universities in Texas

First, consider the types of educational testing and school experiences needed to obtain the “top 10%” status for tuition waiver at state universities in Texas. Use the data provided for the SAT (see Handout with Review Sheet) combined with any external source AND what you now know about predicting performance from test scores, (including bias and error concepts) to answer the following topic:
Defend or refute (public) university Affirmative Action programs assertions that “Top 10%” rules and use of standardized tests such as the SAT in college admissions are “race-blind” and therefore the best methods by which to ensure that fair and equal access to higher education is obtained.
(Remember that any position could be considered valid, as your instructor expects an educated debate, not an absolute judgment, on a topic that has raged for over 30 years. Please cite external sources correctly if used—limit 3 please.

Sample Solution