Types of Communication

For this assignment, identify barriers early childhood professionals face when communicating with children, families, and colleagues within their program. In a 3-4 page paper, written in APA format, please answer the following questions: Part 1:
Identify four (4) barriers to communication you have experienced in your early childhood education practice. Explain how each identified barrier has limited your interaction with children, families, and colleagues. Provide a possible solution to overcome each identified barrier. Be specific in your examples and how each solution will support the needs of diverse families within your practice. Part 2:
Develop two (2) examples of informal communication and two (2) examples of formal communication relevant to your early childhood practice. Provide an example of the actual content and style you might share with families in your program. For example, if you create a newsletter, the actual newsletter with content should be included in your submission. Part 3:
Summarize how each example of informal and formal communication meets the specific communication needs of the children, families, and colleagues in your early childhood program. Explain how each example of informal and formal communication supports the home-school partnership. Your paper should reflect proper spelling and grammar, as well as include a Reference page containing at least three (3) credible references (either from the articles/readings in the Module or from your own research on the topic).