Typologies of Terrorism.

•Discuss the various definitions and typologies of terrorism.

•Explain the social organization of terrorist groups, including recruitment, socialization and radicalization.

•Differentiate between nationalistic/ethnic, nationalistic/endemic, separatist, ideological and religious terrorist movements.

•The topic will be of your choosing based upon the following criteria: ◦Select a group that is known to engage in international terrorism. You will address these points in your paper: ◾Identify the group and their type: Endemic, Nationalist, Separatist, Jihadi, etc.

◾Give a brief history of the group, its beginnings and current status.

◾Provide real examples of their efforts and what activities they have engaged in that fall under the definition of terrorism.

◾What is their preferred form of violence, and toward who?

◾What efforts have been made by the international community to disrupt their efforts and obstruct any further terrorist activities.

◾Do you consider them a threat to the US? Why, and how so?










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