Go to http://www.people-press.org/quiz/political-typology/

and go to the “Take the Typology Quiz” in center of the page to determines your political ideological viewpoint. Even if you are a student from another country, take the survey and answer the questions as best as you can.

Once you have taken the survey, do the following:

1) Explain where you fit in the various typologies listed by explaining the definition of the typology you were place in. Very important to explain which characteristics listed in your typology that do not represent your views and those which do? (40 points)

2) Were you surprised by the survey results, why and why not. Please elaborate. In doing so reflect on any previous political activity you engaged in that helped you to see yourself in the assessed category? Even having a discussion with family members or friends is considered political engagement (20 points)

3) Where do you believe you got most of your views (which socialization agents)? Socialization agents are things like family members, religious beliefs that define a personal moral code, public school experience, civic groups you may have joined, media, and friends. (40 points)

4) Read the PowerPoint file “The Political Culture of Texas” and extrapolate from where you were placed on the Pew typology listing and your views about politics (or lack of a view) and the different American political cultures. Explain the political culture(s) that tend(s) to reflect your values and beliefs (individualistic, traditionalistic, moralistic).

Sample Solution