U.S. History, Presidential Policies

Give examples of presidential leadership in a crisis of domestic or foreign policy and one where a President failed or was not very successful at meeting the challenge of the day (selected from the time period after the death of Lincoln up through the early 21st century).
On the domestic front, this could be related to such things as economic conditions, political upheaval, labor strife, civil rights and other social movements, the health, education and welfare of American citizens, as well as matters relating to the environment, etc. Related to foreign policy are such matters as wars, treaties, international trade, as well as particular “hot spot” crises that seem to frequently appear on the presidential radar screen.
Consider what is meant by leadership; using the Beschloss definition, that of some other historian or political scientist, or a definition of your own making, the paper should measure the actions of the two presidents against that definition. Additionally, you might want to consider if a president needs to have succeeded in order to manifest great leadership. Is it possible for leadership to exist even when the president has ultimately failed? It also needs to be documented using both primary and secondary sources. Please use the MLA (parenthetical citation) method of giving credit to your sources, and add a references cited page at the end.

Sample Solution