Ukrainian and Polish

  1. The /r/ phoneme in Ukrainian corresponds to how many phoneme(s) in Polish?
  2. What are these Polish phoneme correspondences?
  3. One of these sounds is conditioned to show up when it’s adjacent to a particular phoneme. Describe the condition for when this sound surfaces.
  4. Q (5) p. 38 — Ukrainian & Polish
  5. Identify one pair of words Polish borrowed from Ukrainian.
  6. Explain why you chose this pair.
  7. Bonus: Identify one pair of words that Ukrainian borrowed from Polish. Explain your solution.
  8. Q (6) p. 39 — English, German, French, Irish, Russian, Italian
  9. Compare and contrast the differences in word order you observe between each of these languages and English?
  10. Q (4) p. 72 — English & Latin
  11. Given all the data presented from the four languages, did English split one

Sample Solution