Understanding Endo-symbiosis: The Photosynthetic Sea Slug

You can also copy and paste the URL: https://www.pnas.org/content/105/46/17867 (Links to an external site.)

Read the Abstract carfully, then the Introduction. Look at the pictures and read the captions. Read the Results. Scan the Methods. Do you need to understand everything? No!!!

Try to figure out the general idea of the paper, what are the authors trying to say? Do you believe them with the data they present?

Answer the following questions. Please type your response and submit as a PDF to Canvas:

What are the two hypotheses?
Which of these hypotheses was supported?
What data was used to support this hypothesis?
Why is the sea slug green?
Where did the missing algal DNA go?
How does this research support the theory of endosymbiosis?
Describe how this is a case of lateral gene transfer.
Use the supplemental figure below to describe the origin of the plastid in Elysia chlorotica. What level of endosymbiosis is this? What evidence is there to support this?

Sample Solution