Understanding Models and Information in Health Care

1. In what ways could the limitations of models result in errors in the diagnosis or treatment of patients? Using Figure 1.2 (attached pdf) as a template to guide your thinking may be helpful.

2. Explain the relationship between information, data, and knowledge. Apply the concepts of data, information and knowledge to data stored in a patient’s medical record. If a physician is looking at data in a patient’s chart, discuss what occurs in order for data to be transformed from data to information, then to knowledge.

3. Look at the two versions of the radiology report in Figure 5.1(attached PDF). Explain how the principles in Table 5.2 (attached PDF)were used to transform the first report into the second.

4. Identify different users of the report in Figure 5.1. Describe two different ways that the information in the report would be used.

5. Design different new reports that would be used by each person. Describe why you created the report in the manner you did.










Sample Solution