Understanding of C++ programming concepts

Demonstrate an understanding of C++ programming concepts by completing the following:

Program: Create a C++ program that will obtain input from a user and store it into the provided CSC450_CT5_mod5.txt file. Your program should append it to the provided text file, without deleting the existing data:
Store the provided data in a CSC450_mod5-2.txt file.
Create a reversal method that will reverse all of the characters in the CC450-mod5_2.txt file and store the result in a CSC450-mod5-reverse.txt file.
Program Analysis: Given your program implementation, discuss and identify the possible security vulnerabilities that may exist. If present, discuss solutions to minimize the vulnerabilities. Discuss and identify possible problems that can result in errors for string manipulation of data. Your analysis should be 1-2 pages in length.

Sample Solution