Understanding substance abuse and addictive behavior

Talk about addiction and abuse on drugs. focus on these main drugs: psychoactive drugs; MDMA (ecstasy), stimulants; cocaine, crack cocaine, psychedelics; LSD, mushrooms. focus more on the stimulants than others. talk about how addiction works in the brain and what makes the things addictive. here is a note of how my teacher would like the paper. i will include pictures from my text book which will be helpful. In your essay, you will present information from at least 3 different sources on your chosen topic. 1. Your topic statement should be included at the top of the first page of your essay. (This is true even if you have refuted your own topic statement through research…) 2. Include an introduction paragraph in which you give general information about your topic (i.e., define health practice, etc.). If you are proving or refuting a common myth, you need to set up your argument and start gathering evidence to support it. Find information that will make your points clear and convincing. Keep in mind that even the most powerful research won’t complete the essay for you—you need to think about how you can present and interpret the research most effectively. 3. Use Credible Sources. If you are discussing a product, do not use their website for anything but general information. Testimonials and anecdotal research are not acceptable, and all topic information should be evidence-based. All sources must be listed in your bibliography (5 points), which should be attached to the essay. 4. The main part of your essay should include information about at least 3 research articles related to your topic.

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