Unearned Privilege

First read the article by Macintosh posted in the Cases and Readings tab on the course menu. Here is a summary of the instructions:

Identify one dimension of diversity where you believe you are the beneficiary of unearned privilege (where your privilege may put others at a disadvantage). On one page describe the dimension where you believe you have unearned privilege and list 5 examples (similar to McIntosh’s) but specific to you. The dimensions of diversity may include, but are not limited to; race, gender, religion, sexual preference, ethnic background, nationality, disability, adoption, physical or mental illness, marital status, parental status, and many others. Identify one dimension of diversity where you believe yourself to be at a disadvantage with limited access to the invisible knapsack. Once again, list on a second page, 5 examples similar to Macintosh but specific to your experience. Conclude the assignment by describing what you have teamed from the article and from your application of these ideas to your awareness of privilege in your work and in your life. Length: 600 words maximum.





Sample Solution