Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Provide a brief explanation of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) that includes an explanation of how UDL is used to benefit all students including diverse learners. Use information from professional literature and websites, presented in your own words. This should be clear enough for someone unfamiliar with UDL to understand.


  • Select a UDL Principle and Guideline from the CAST UDL Guidelines matrix. link below
    (choose “Action & Expression_ Expression & communication”)
  • Identify a peer reviewed article from a professional literature that describes a strategy aligned to that UDL Principal/Guideline. Select an article that have been published within the last 12 years
  • Review the Checkpoints included under the Guideline selected to identify a specific strategy aligned to the Guideline
  • Write a summary for the selected article in paragraph format to include the following three components. Use each of the bulleted items as a heading.
    • Description of the strategy
    • Explanation of how the strategy reduces learning barriers
    • Explanation of the alignment of the strategy to the selected UDL Guideline and Checkpoints.

Sample Solution