Unplugged” Computational Thinking activity

For this part of your assignment, you will design one “unplugged” Computational Thinking activity that incorporates content from outdoor science education. You will be responsible for completing a lesson plan using the UMF lesson plan, plus a separate, written document with these additional elements: The written document must be 2 pages in length and APA format

Include a discussion with the connections to ISTE Standard Five and one or more of the four “pillars” (Decomposition, Pattern Matching, Abstraction, and Debugging) – focus on the computational thinking skills children are learning that provides a foundation for future learning as they progress through school.
Discuss how the CT activity aids in the learning experience for the child, specifically connected to the integration of the science and non-science subject (math, literacy, social studies, and so forth). Please focus on connecting science and non-science concepts!
Explain how connecting outdoor experiences makes the unplugged activity meaningful to the child

Sample Solution