US government

Are Congress, the President, the Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court representative of the American people and their interests? Do these people seem to act more as delegates (who carry out the wishes of the people exactly) or as trustees (who do what they think is best for the people, sometimes against what people say they want)?

Answer these questions by describing, for each of the 4 (and note the two groups in the bureaucracy):
1) how they gain office (by being elected, appointed and by whom, or taking a test),
2) what demographics of people (sex, race, ethnicity, income, education) tend to hold those offices, and
3) what kind of influence the American people have on them through
a) public opinion, b) interest groups, c) social movements, d) voting (make sure you address all 4, and be specific about all four. Yes, #3 here is basically the same as what you were asked on the midterm.)

–Overall, do you feel that you can influence this process? Why or why not?
–Overall, do you feel that your local and state representatives, your national representatives, and the current President represent you well? Why or why not?

Sample Solution