Using Excel and data from the Angus Maddison Project

, complete the following:
(a) Plot the evolution of GDP per capita of Canada, the USA and a third country of your choosing,
from the earliest possible year until 2016. Briefly comment on these time series.
(b) Using these three countries, create a scatter plot, with GDP per capita in 1950 on the horizontal
axis, and the growth rate of GDP per capita between 1950 and 2016 on the vertical axis. Did these
countries converge in this period?
(c) Create the same scatter plot, but using all countries in the database. Was there convergence in this
period? What about for a subsample of countries?

  1. (30 points) Watch this tutorial: Using your computer, perform some basic algebraic operations using R Studio. Provide a screen shot of your R Studio
    with such code.
  2. (40 points) Solve the following textbook exercises (we will randomly select two of these for grading):
    (a) Appendix A, Q1
    (b) Appendix A, Q2
    (c) Appendix A, Q3
    (d) Appendix A, Q4
    (e) Chapter 2, Q1
    (f) Chapter 2, Q2
    (g) Chapter 2, Q5
    (h) Chapter 2, Q

Sample Solution