Using Successful Project Management Skills

1. Consider the challenge of managing people and projects and respond to the following: Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented at UPI through project management. What is it about your two suggestions that can most benefit UPI? Suggest how you should go about gaining the trust of employees on your team and learning about management and the corporate culture. Is it ethical to use employees for information to help you implement your plan, which could be termed a personal agenda? Why or why not? Identify at least two other students’ suggestions and identify whether the suggestions would work in conjunction with your plan to correct the issues at UPI. Why or why not? Identify at least one quality resource that will help as you pursue your goal of assisting the management of UPI gain control of the corporate project portfolio. Share the resource with the class and identify, specifically, why your suggested resource is of benefit.

2. Understanding the different qualities associated with managers and leaders will help to determine the type of project manager you aspire to be. Additionally, this activity will assist you in becoming more aware of the ethical and cultural aspects of project management. Being sensitive to the diversity of team members is essential, especially with the growth of globalization. Respond to the following: Based on your experiences of working with a team member from a different culture, should a project manager continue to pat team members on the back in a gesture of appreciation for a great job done, or is it best to avoid this gesture? In your opinion, should project managers tailor their approach/strategy to the culture of each team member, or should the team members conform themselves to a standard approach? In some cultures, it is not okay for a project manager to briefly touch their team members (such as patting them on the back) for a job well done, but in the U.S., it is a common practice. Should a project manager continue patting team members on the back for a great job, or is it best to avoid this gesture?



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