Utilitarianism and moral right actions

1.you must use two books | provided and each one at least 2 citations and have to be specific page number of the citations

  1. Topic: Rachels on The Third Line of Defense of Utilitarianism.
    How does Utilitarianism define morally right actions? What are the three fundamental principles on which Utilitarianism is based? What is the distinction between Act Utilitarianism and Rule Utilitarianism?
    What are some of the examples of anti-utilitarian arguments which aim to show that Act Utilitarianism conflicts with our common sense moral values, such as justice, individual rights, etc.?
    What are some of the examples (including historical ones) which can be used to attack the reliability (trustworthiness) of our common sense moral values? How can this attack on the reliability of our moral common sense be used to defend Act Utilitarianism?
  2. Provide clear definition of the topic and provide examples

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