Vaginal spermicides

  1. Choose 6 of the following contraceptive methods and explain why each of the 6 methods would be a good birth control option for you and a current/potential partner to use; i.e. cost, ease of use, etc. Describe how the method works and examine its failure rates, costs, and associated advantages and disadvantages. You may place this information in table form if desired: (40 points) Chapter 10
    • a. “outercourse”
    • b. oral contraceptives
    • c. vaginal ring
    • d. hormone patches
    • e. injectable contraceptives
    • f. male and female condoms
    • g. vaginal spermicides
    • h. diaphragms
    • i. cervical caps
    • j. intrauterine devices
    • k. emergency contraception
    • l. fertility awareness method
    • m. sterilization
    • n. other methods such as nursing, withdrawal, and douching
  2. List and describe options for conception available to couples with infertility problems. Discuss ethical, legal, and personal dilemmas associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology. What are the potential financial and health costs of ART? (40 points) Chapter 11
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  3. Write a detailed description of the three stages of childbirth. Find and watch a live birth video on YouTube and include the link to the video you watched. Describe the video and identify which of the 3 stages of childbirth you were able to see in the video. Write about your emotional reaction to the video. (40 points) Chapter 11
  4. How would you know if you are experiencing a sexual problem that requires professional help? Briefly explain 3 of the Disorders/Conditions described in the textbook from any of the general categories (Desire-Phase, Excitement-Phase, Orgasm-Phase, or Dyspareunia). How do you assess whether a health care professional has the necessary expertise, training, and/or certification to help a patient with sexual problems? (40 points) Chapter 14
  5. Describe the cause, incidence and transmission, symptoms and complications, and treatment alternatives for HIV/AIDS. (40 points) Chapter 15
  6. Explain the short-term and long-term effects of rape on both female and male survivors, making specific reference to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. List at least 3 resources available for survivors of rape from the textbook or other source(s). (40 points) Chapter 17

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