Vehicle report

Written report based on online automotive manufacturer website or in person dealership visit.
Record the following items on a piece of paper clearly written:
Vehicle Make and Model
Monthly payment based on this loan calculator
3.17% interest
48 month term
Brake system type (4 wheel disc with integrated parking brake etc)
Tire size
Engine type ( Write which engine you would choose if more than one are available, example 4 cylinder)
EPA MPG city and Highway
0-60 time
Warranty term and coverage (36 month powertrain etc)
Crash test rating ( use google )
How many of these vehicles were sold in 2020 ( use google )
Turn in Color Brochure or show e brochure.
Give a short presentation (Power Point, or Google Slides) on your vehicle Describe the following:
All of the above information
Why you would buy this car
Describe your experience at the dealership or website

Sample Solution