Video Analysis
1-Watch the video above
2-Choose an elderly relative or loved one and tell them you would like to learn about the music they listen(ed) to and music they hope to never forget, a “Soundtrack of my Life”.
3-Create a minimum 15-song playlist with them.
List all of the songs (Artist + Title)
Ask the relative why they chose each song and write a brief description for each one
4-Create the playlist on an online platform (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc) and copy the link into your paper. We have to be able to see that you actually created the playlist.
5-Write a short (500 word minimum) reflection to your future self that has a message to remind you about what this project is and assist you for when you want to share this with your loved one. I will not grade the quality of the writing, it’s literally a message to yourself so you remember what this is in case it’s years or decades until you share the playlist.

Sample Solution