Video Analysis

Video 1:
Watch the following Youtube clip and tell us your thoughts:

Please answer the following questions:
What did you learn about the profession that you weren’t aware of before?
What are your thoughts regarding the many areas social workers work in?
Did any of the social workers inspire you to learn more about their respective setting and/ or the population they work with?

Video 2:
Then, watch this video from the National Association of Social Workers website:

Now, please address the same questions from above.

The paper should be substantive in nature. In order to be sure your posts are substantive, posts should provide depth and detail in your responses. Substantive comments are focused on the topic, identify assumptions and seek alternative ways of viewing the topic or problem. A substantive comment is clearly stated and understandable. A substantive comment is useful in explaining the topic under discussion. Keeping up with the discussion and interjecting in a detailed and substantive way helps with your integration which includes the demonstration of efforts to make connections, both conceptual and practical, between the curriculum presented and its application. By also utilizing recognized sources, (using APA format) your posts will have substance. This is also known as corroboration, confirmation, or validation.

Sample Solution