video documentary “Kenneth’s Story: 15 to Life

Watch the video documentary “Kenneth’s Story: 15 to Life,” and complete the following tasks: *”Kenneth’s Story: 15 to Life” is inside the Module 7 lecture folder*

• Which deviance theory discussed in the text and notes can best explain the deviance of Kenneth and kids in similar situations? Choose a theory and discuss how the theory will explain the kids’ deviant behavior
• Also, provide a sociological explanation of the criminal justice system behavior toward kids (include in your answer an explanation of the judge’s ruling.)
• In a 5-10 sentence paragraph per question share your thoughts

After reading your notes and watching the video People Like Us: Social Class in America complete the following tasks:
• Why do societies stratify?
• What are some ways in which our American culture stratifies people?
• How does stratification benefits America?
• What does Tammy’s family situation indicate about the American class System (think in terms of social mobility and poverty)?
• Share your response in a 3-5 sentence paragraph per question



























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