Include an abstract, body, conclusion. You will conduct a detailed Marketing Analysis of an organization of Vinamilk.
1 page for organization description: briefly describe your organization and the industry in which it operates. Also to include in this section your organization’s mission and core value.
1-2 pages for situation analysis: conduct an environmental scanning to cover all of the environmental forces: social, economic, technological, competitive, and regulatory. conduct SWOT analyses of your organization and 2 competitors.
1-page target market: create a detailed profile of a typical target consumer for your organization. describe their geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral.
0.5-page positioning strategy: how are your brand and products perceived by the target consumers?. What are 3-5 key factors that highlight your organization’s competitive advantage?
2-3 marketing mix: product (features, benefits, and characteristics). price (price strategy of the organization). place (distribution strategy). promotion ( describe 3-5 type of promotion currently being run. describe the promotion message, effectiveness, and your thoughts on each promotion).
For service, products include people (what type of employees will you hire? how will they promote your brand?). physical environment (describe the layout of your place of business). process (describe the whole interaction process with customers)

































Sample Solution