Virtual Communication Channels

Please read these 4 materials(I already uploaded all materials):
Module 2 online content
AD643-Project Management Leadership Building Creative Teams – Rory Burke: Chapter 2
Global Virtual Team Performance: The Effect of Coordination Effectiveness, Trust, and Team Cohesion. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 2016.
What Everyone Should Know About Running Virtual Meetings. HBR article.
Video: Creating Trust in Virtual Teams.(video texts)

After reading, please answer the question:
How can ‘virtual’ communications channels be successfully utilized in managing projects, and what are the issues we need to be aware of?
If you work in a larger organization that has divisions or operations in different countries, it is inevitable these days that you will be working at some point in ‘virtual’ teams, where you are not physically working in the same location, and you are using internet-based and other communication tools to collaborate with colleagues.
You may want to start with an experience that was positively or negatively influenced by the communication channels and technology that you used.

Sample Solution