Virtual Field Experience EDU 3263 Classroom Management

There are 8 videos of classroom teaching and diversity issues. You need to watch all videos to complete the reflection paper assignment. Try to think about this in terms of either in-person teaching or virtual or a combination of videos, in-person observation, and interview of a teacher.

These videos are not to offend anyone but to discuss issues of diversity and classroom teaching. The instructor does not want to impose his own views on anyone but to allow you to study issues as a way of the learning process.

After watching the videos and interviewing a teacher or visiting a classroom, you should have enough information to write your final paper. Your final paper will include responses to the following questions:

  1. Describe any observations in the classrooms or in the videos that highlighted specific classroom management rules/strategies. Make sure to identify the video(s) in your response.
  2. If you were the teacher in these classes, identify at least two classroom management strategies that you would use. Be clear.
  3. Finally, based on your personal experiences in-classroom observation and discussions with teachers, share your thoughts about how the classroom management strategies from this course will help you to teach all students in your future teaching assignments. Also, include some ways you could avoid possible ineffective management strategies you may have encountered or viewed in the videos.

Sample Solution