Virtual learning experience

Reflect on a virtual learning experience that has enabled you to connect with the practice; its team, their patients, the local area and/or its community.
This could be any of the learning activities that you have participated in e.g. researching or meeting someone from a local community group, speaking to a patients, meeting members of the practice team or exploring the local area. Students should consider how this activity helped them to connect virtually with the practice community.

You can choose any aspect of your placement experience, it is harder to feel connected when you are not physically together what has been the best thing for helping you to feel connected.

this should be a reflection essay on a clinical placement for a medical student. as of covid we had to have our placement online the essay should be a reflection on virtual learning and virtual connection.

helpful facts:
we had our introduction to the clinic through a virtual tour where we got to see the different aspects of the practice
we got introduced about the different people who work in there and interviewed one of the people who worked there who was a pharmacy clerk.
through out the weeks we had met up and interviewed two patients as well where we got to apply out communication skills and enhance clinical knowledge about different disease and conditions. all of this was done virtually.

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