Vision, Mission Statements and Target Market

Task : write the Vision, Mission Statements and Target Market for a whole sale company that sells only
Refrigerator, Freezers ,Washing machines and Dishwashers.
definition of each part
Vision = The mission statement defines the fundamental purpose of an organization. It contains the
organizations’ current and future activities. In other words: a mission statement, involves the norms and values
of the organization as well as it defines the eminent points at which the company differentiates itself from the
Mission Statement:
A vision is related to the mission statement of a company. A vision comprises the desired future state of a
company. A vision of a car manufacturer, for example, could be: “To be the biggest car manufacturer Europe”.
Target Market
To build a solid foundation for your company, you must first define your clear targets. Please pay close
attention to the SMART-model when defining these targets.

Sample Solution