Visual Glossary Entries

You will build a visual glossary of key terms from each chapter that will enhance your understanding of the
vocabulary. To this end, you will create or find visual examples – different than those in the text – choose 2 key
terms per chapter and write a 200 words paragraph for each key term that defines the term in your own words
and explains how the image you’ve chosen illustrates it. Each term will be allotted one page and include the
image, which cannot exceed 3″ in height and its accompanying text, which should be half a page and single-spaced, so around 200 words. Total will be at least 400 words for 2 key terms( 200 words for each key term)
Key terms can be found at the beginning of each week’s PowerPoint.
Each image requires proper citation. Include the name of the author, title of image, year in which it was made,
medium, and where it was originally or most significantly published or displayed.

Sample Solution