War Poems

Read all of the poems listed below. Then choose two of the pairs of poems and in several paragraphs discuss each of the two poems in each set (a total of 4 poems to be discussed). You must quote several lines from each poem in your discussion.These quotes must be documented using line numbers in parentheses. Format your assignment using MLA Style as you would an essay. Note: do not include the questions in your response. Include a works cited page at the end.

Questions to be addressed:

Who is the persona? What is the occasion? What is the poem about?(1 paragraph per poem)

What literary devices are used in the poem and what is the purpose of each? (at least two different ones per poem)(1 paragraph per poem)Literary devices to choose from: simile, metaphor, imagery, onomatopoeia, alliteration, irony, personification,

What is the theme of the poem? (1 paragraph per poem)

How are the two poems similar?How are they different? (at least 1 paragraph)

Poems to be studied:

War Poems

“Dulce et Decorum Est”Wilfred Owen

“The Man He Killed” Thomas Hardy

Untimely Death

“Ballad of Birmingham”Dudley Randall

“Out,Out __” Robert Frost

Parent/Child Relationships

“Those Winter Sundays” Robert Hayden

“To a Daughter Leaving Home” Linda Pastan

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