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2 What do you understand by the term ‘Cybersecurity’ (10%)? Explain why this topic is becoming increasingly important to service businesses (20%). Using documented examples from the literature to support your arguments, critically examine how service businesses are responding to the growing cyber threats, particularly as a result of their increased use of technology (50%). Based on your critique, what top three recommendations would you make to a service business looking to reduce or eliminate future cyber risks? (20%).

3 Select one of the future ‘scenarios’ below, identify what services you might develop to meet the needs of this scenario and what supporting technologies you believe might be needed for the development and delivery of your chosen services (40%). Summarise the benefits your chosen services and technologies could bring to all concerned (10%). Using your knowledge from the module, and documented evidence from the literature, what might be the risks associated with developing appropriate technologies to meet these needs and how would you overcome these risks? (50%)
• Integrated transport
• Minimising environmental impact and a towards a carbon-free future
• Accessible education for all.

need draft in 48 hours
1 similar rate low than 5% 100% original
2 not out of topic
3 no mistake in Grammar
4 no format problem
5 no sources/citations issues ( all reference has in-text reference , all in-text reference put in reference list)
6 Word count enough
7 add table of content match subtitle
8 add introduction conclusion
9 add abstract
10 add recommendation
11 Instruction fully covered
12 Paper not lacks proper research
13 not Wrong data/statistics/calculations present
14 more refrence
15 require rich graphs, tables and/or charts to enrich paper
16 extension revision in 14days
17 sign high level top 10writer
18 The first name in topic is school name do nor sign same writer in one school
19 make sure 100% pass
20 reference is academic

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