Ways the central women characters in Helen in Egypt

For Paper 2 your assignment is to analyze the ways the central women characters in Helen in Egypt, The
Awakening, and The House of Mirth negotiate forces (especially patriarchal forces promoted by women as well
as men) that objectify them. Pay particular attention to the voices and actions of these women, and take a
position as to whether or not they are successful. You may choose to discuss only one text, two texts, or all
Make sure that you include the following elements in the paper:

  1. A title that identifies the topic and authors you are writing about
  2. A strong, clear thesis that states the position you are taking about the women’s techniques of negotiation
    and their success or failure
  3. Examples from the text to support your assertions
  4. Explanation of the significance of your analysis and position
  5. Clear, error-free writing with effective transitions.

Sample Solution